The SOS Band are back with their infectious brand of eighties funk, and they need your help to finance their new album. We take a look at the first single from the album, a brilliant piece of up-tempo groove.

The eagled eared amongst our readers might be aware that this new single from The SOS Band was actually released last autumn. Indeed, they’d be right: our friends at SoulTracks debuted the single then and we loved it, but sadly it was not made available to download. In our interview with lead singer Mary Davis she said the group was working on new music, but that nothing had been confirmed about the release of a new SOS Band album. Well, all that has now changed, with original members Mary Davis and Abdul Ra’oof confirming they are working together on new material, in addition to their new European tour dates as part of the Great Voices of Soul UK tour later this November.

Firstly, let’s take their new single ‘Just Get Ready’, a brilliant piece of neo-funk from the SOS Band. The group combines their classic sound with the new technology and neo-soul of today, and has created a real gem of a first single off their new album. The song itself bares striking resemblance to their classic ‘Just Be Good To Me’, both featuring an infectious groove as well as Mary Davis’ powerful lead vocal. Davis is surely one of the most underrated women of soul music.

The problem that older acts suffer is that they cannot get the record deals they once had, and if they can get record deals its often the legacy acts such as Smokey Robinson or Lionel Richie who get them, and then churn out mediocre covers or duets albums. Acts like The SOS Band have little hope of releasing an album in the traditional manner today, but that is where Pledge Music steps in. The site offers artists the opportunity to publish and release material directly to the fans, and has been used by acts such as George Benson and Al Jarreau, as well as acts like Britain’s own Soulpersona and Princess Freesia. Now the SOS Band has taken the step of using Pledge Music to fund their new album, the first in over twenty years. For just $10 (roughly £6) you an pre-order a digital download of the album, but the group are offering more: you can buy merchandise, have your name in the album credits, and even pay to have them perform just for you!

We’re looking forward to hearing the new album from the SOS Band and hope that they can reach their target to fund the album. Take a listen to the new single below, and check out details here about the new album here on Pledge Music.