Our friend Stevie Ray Mays – aka funk man Ultra Van Krome – needs your help. He’s suffering from viral meningitis, and like so many Americans, he cannot pay his medial bills.

We bring sad news to readers of TFSR with the news that our friend and kind supporter Stevie Ray Mays is suffering from viral meningitis, and his medical bills are racking up. Mays goes by the funk persona Ultra Van Krome, and recently released his debut album, the brilliantly funky Cyber FunkistBut now the bass man is not only seriously ill, but in danger of losing any assets he has as he tries to battle his illness. Indeed, Mays has been ill before: prior to his recording of Cyber Funkist he was rather ill but overcame it to put out a very good record. And with your help, he can.

In order to pay his growing medical bills Mays has set up a GoFundMe page. We’ve made a donation, and we would urge you to consider donating whatever you can. Mays is a fine musician and a decent human being, and it would be such a shame to lose such a talent.

For us here in the UK the thought of going bankrupt to fund medical care is beyond comprehension: we may not have a perfect healthcare system, but at least it is free to anyone who needs it. America may be the most advanced country in the world, but we can’t help think in this case, yet again, it’s seriously behind the rest of the wealthy world.

We wish Stevie all the best for the future, and we hope he pulls through.