The legendary Motown group have a new lead singer, who gave his first performance with the group last week. 

In an unexpected start to 2019, the Four Tops have a new lead singer. No official announcement has been made, but Alexander Morris appears to have been appointed the Tops’ new lead singer, making his debut with the group last week, taking the stage in both Tulsa and Kansas. 

Morris, who is also a Pastor, replaces Harold “Spike” Bonhart as the Four Tops’ lead singer. Bonhart joined the group in 2011 and, as we wrote last month, impressed in the role as the group’s lead singer, sounding similar to the group’s original lead singer Levi Stubbs. Peoples had perhaps the most difficult job, being the first to replace Stubbs as the lead singer of the Four Tops. 

It’s unclear whether this change in the line-up was planned or not. In addition to a lack of announcement, it doesn’t appear that any press photos have been released (as you can see, we’re still using the old photo).

Given that Morris took to the stage last week in a plain black suit while the other Tops performed in their standard black, sparkling tuxedos, it seems the group haven’t had much time to prepare their new lead singer for the role.

Yet, while there’s been no official communication from the group or the group’s management, Morris has been active in documenting his induction into the Tops’ on Instagram. Morris posted pictures of himself rehearsing with his new colleague Ronnie McNeir on 2nd January, as well as pictures of him at soundcheck and of his first performances as a Top.

Footage has also appeared on YouTube of Morris’ first performances, and it looks like he’s made a decent start. 

It’s a surprising move from the Tops, to say the least. While The Temptations have hired and fired over two dozen members over the years, the Four Tops had a much more stable line-up. Indeed, part of the charm of the group is that the original members performed together for over 40 years, only finally separated by illness and death. Duke Fakir, at 83, is the only original member still alive. 

That said, it’s perhaps unreasonable to expect a group performing for 65 years to have a stable line-up. We still have Duke with us, and although he’s been performing from a stool this year while recovering from a hip operation, he’s still keeping the group going.

Without any information why Bonhart left, we’re left to speculate why the Four Tops has a new lead singer, and what the future might hold for both the Tops and Bonhart.

All we can do is wish the Four Tops and Bonhart well.