Junior Giscombe – the man who gave us the soul anthem ‘Mama Used To Say’ – is back with a new project The British Collective. Joining forces with Don-E, Noel McKoy, Leee John of Imagination, Junior is leading the resurgence of British soul music. The group are billed rightly as the Godfathers of UK Soul and have released a brilliant new single entitled ‘Romantic’.


We spoke to Junior for half an hour in which we discussed the forming and idea behind The British Collective, the state of contemporary R&B/Soul music, and his career. We’re delighted to present this interview to you, and want to thank Junior for his time.

(We apologise for the poor sound quality of the first minute or so – it does get better!)

When George Met: Junior Giscombe of The British Collective by Thehaff92 on Mixcloud