When George Met Bill: An Interview Special with Bill Curtis of The Fatback Band

It’s been a full and exciting week here at TFSR – first Junior Giscombe, now the legendary Bill Curtis – founder of the pioneering ‘street funk’ group The Fatback Band. Bill was kind enough to grant us an interview, and I spoke with him at length about his career, his memories, and the difficulties he faces as an older artist on the music scene.


Bill has also released a new album entitled ‘Baby Don’t Waste My Time’, which is available to download online now – and features a wonderful song entitled ‘Throw It Away’, as well as ‘Abstract Feeling’ which features a great vocal from bassist Pete Everett.


We’re so grateful to Bill for giving up time in his schedule to speak  with us at TFSR. We hope you enjoy our chat, and you can follow Bill and the Fatback Band on Twitter @Fatbackband, and you can ‘Like’ them on Facebook – www.facebook.com/fatbackband!


The Funk & Soul Revue Fatback Special with Bill Curtis by Thehaff92 on Mixcloud

3 years ago
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George Haffenden
Written by George Haffenden
Brought up on a healthy diet of soul and funk, Haff's dream was to become the first British member of The Temptations. Realising that this dream could never be realised, he is now the curator of The Funk & Soul Revue.