Liverpool based singer Mersey Wylie has just released her debut single ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’, a brilliantly sassy number from an exciting new talent.

It’s always exciting to find new music, and its particularly exciting to find great new talent right here in the UK. And we’re thrilled to introduce you to the brilliant singer Mersey Wylie who has just released an incredibly tasty debut single, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’. Wylie is the daughter of British musician Pete Wylie, and the influence of her father drew her into the music world. Like many Brits who love soul and R&B, Wylie was drawn to the Sound of Motown, embracing the magical sounds of Detroit City. She developed her musical knowledge, studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts; it was here she developed her love of soul further and in 2011 returned to the UK in an attempt to live out her dream of becoming a singer.


She relocated to Liverpool, and has become somewhat of a big name on the local circuit earning rave reviews for her performances, along with her excellent band. And now she’s released her first single ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’, and we’re delighted to say that it’s rather great. Wylie possesses a uniquely sassy voice that is irritably attractive; it’s a voice you’re likely to fall in love with instantly. A stellar eight-piece band backs her, which includes a pretty funky two-piece horn section, creating a feisty track for Wylie to showcase her talent on. Wylie’s sound on ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ combines the classic soul from the likes of Motown and Stax, whilst also taking influence from fellow Brits soul acts, notably Incognito.

While she might not make the big trendy outlets’ hot-picks for the year, but Mersey Wylie is sure to have a fantastic 2016, and we’re excited to hear more from this great new talent. You can listen to her new single on SoundCloud below, and you can even download it for free! You can also find more out about Mersey Wylie here, and can find her on Facebook here.