Hailing from the musical city of Liverpool, Galactic Funk Militia has a brand new groove out that is rather funky indeed.

Liverpool isn’t necessarily the first city that comes to mind about when we think about funk music; the city gave us The Beatles and Cilla Black, great artists of course, but not amongst the funkiest known to man. But today there is a group hailing from that port city that seeks to readdress that balance and that the Galactic Funk Militia. Led by bassist Matt Mook Mak, the group have released several tasty singles and have gathered a following in Liverpool. They’ve sent us their latest single ‘Hush’ and we’re delighted to say that it’s rather tasty.

It’s important to note that Galactic Funk Militia is quite a large ensemble. The group has twelve members, including three horn players, helping to achieve a full funk sound that owes a great debt of gratitude to George Clinton’s P-Funk sound. Perhaps this is because several members have in fact performed with Dr Funkenstein himself; after all, there’s no better on the job training than performing with the master. In fact ‘Hush’ sounds like it could have been lifted from one of Clinton’s own albums. Handling the lead vocals is Amber Kuti, a fabulous singer whose voice transcends the boundary between classic and neo-soul. The group’s rhythm section are responsible for a seriously laid back groove, whilst the horn players add some very tasty licks. This is one seriously funky release, and likely to be one of many from the Galactic Funk Militia.

You can find out more about the band on their website, and you can find them on Facebook.