‘Lot of people can’t do nothing but start some s***, that’s why I own that word s***.’

There’s very little we can say about this new single and the video for it except that this might be our favourite thing of the year. No, we take that back, it is our favourite thing. Eddie Levert, the outspoken, no nonsense, powerhouse lead singer of The Mighty O’Jays has produced a song and video that is quite simply incredible.

Let’s take the song first: it’s brilliant. Even with the use of profanity, which to be fair Levert uses a bit in concerts and other public appearances, it’s still brilliant. Eddie Levert is, basically, pissed off with American society, with everyone talking, well, ‘shit’. Now let’s take the video, and what is Levert paraodying at the beginning? Being on America’s number one cable news host, and we can assume according to Levert, the nation’s prime shit starter, Bill O’Reilly. Now if you don’t know O’Reilly or his show you’ll have heard the network he’s on. Of course, it is Fox News Channel, America’s openly conservative news network which has aired many a controversial, and midly racist, statements over its two decades of broadcasting (for instance, see Bill O’Reilly tell a black professor he looks like a drug dealer here).

We admit, Haff is an MA Politics student whose research is on Bill O’Reilly and his narrative that ‘traditional’ American way-of-life is under threat. Now, we know, that’s boring, but it makes the video a whole lot funnier to Haff. We can only imagine the beauty of an actual appearance by Eddie Levert on The O’Reilly Factor. We know who’d we be backing.

Nonetheless this is an epic production, one that Eddie Levert deserves all the praise in the world for (well, minus Bill O’Reilly’s naturally). It’s a catchy, well-produced song with a great video to boot. Eddie Levert is taking no prisoners, no backstabbers, and no s*** from anyone.

(In case Eddie Levert is reading this, sorry about the use of *s but our Mums read this site. But rest assured, we stand with you!)