Legendary lead singer of The O’Jays has dropped yet another tasty single online, but once again, no one seems to have noticed.

Last month we, particularly Haff, got very excited about Eddie Levert’s new solo single ‘S*** Starter’, the video for which Levert mockingly takes on Fox News’ bloivatior-in-chief, and general no-good s*** starter, Bill O’Reilly. The song and accompanying video were excellent, yet no major music sites picked up on the song. This is beyond disappointing given the incredible lyric and message of the song, particularly its take on Fox News during this election cycle. Even Levert appears rightly miffed: if you follow his page on Facebook or like him on Twitter you’ll have learnt he isn’t a fan of the current music industry.

That said, Levert has soldiered on like the true professional he is and released an altogether different song entitled ‘Did I Make You Go Ooh’. This latest single is a delightfully playful, and rather risqué, ballad that Levert, in the accompanying video, dedicates to his wife. At age 73 Levert’s voice is a tad deeper than it was in his prime, but this reveals a certain fragility that he lacked earlier on his career. Indeed, his deeper tones suit this playful ballad beautifully. What’s most impressive, and quite sweet, is the opening to the video for the song: it has Levert with his wife walking on the beach talking about his desire to have her, not some model, in his next music video. Eddie Levert: smooth talking romantic. Ever the comedian, Levert then goes on to say ‘The camera is gonna love you, you know what I’m saying? It don’t love me as much I as love it…’

No press release has been put out about this latest song, or about ‘S*** Starter’, so we’re not too sure if these are one-off releases or part of something greater. We’re hoping it’s the latter, but Levert sure needs some decent promo for these to get the audiences they deserve.