Once again the legendary lead singer of The O’Jays is back with yet another tasty single release, this time with the up-tempo groove ‘Ain’t Going For That’.

Three months ago ladies everywhere got hot and bothered with the release of his raunchy ‘Did I Make You Go Ooo‘. We were also rather excited back in August of last year with the release of his stomper ‘S*** Starter in which he sort-of took on Fox News’ bloviator-in-chief Bill O’Reilly. And now Levert has put out a brand new tune to round out of his trilogy of rather tasty singles.

Ain’t Going For That’ rides a similar groove to that the O’Jays set down way back in 1972 with their epic anthem ‘Backstabbers‘; indeed, the song is inherently retro, but it feels fresh, new and exciting. As you’d rightly expect, Levert is is fine voice, in fact he’s in fantastic voice; he’s lost none of his power and emotion in his fifty-plus years in the industry. The song itself is pretty catchy and is well produced, featuring a tight horn arrangement and some delectable synth. Once again Levert delivers the goods, and stars in another great video production to boot. He may be in his seventies, and with the personal tragedy that has befallen him in recent years with the loss of his sons, you might have expected Levert to have retired from the industry. But Eddie Levert is holding no prisoners, and we’re excited to see what he has up his sleeve next.